“At times we must purge things from this world because they should not exist

For Donald Trump and all the Republicans and Democrats too chickenshit (read morally bankrupt) to stop the madness.

Three-Pronged Pitchfork in Four-Part Harmony Redux

feel the heat,

syncopated beat,

expect the unexpected…

Hard times,

doing time,

keeping time…

Sync up!

Video up!

The world our witness

as we salute the

bankruptcy of a bankrupt system.

The people’s chorus…

Cold voice,

warm voice.

A deep quiet voice, like distant thunder.

Another, like new pennies.

And still another,

shrill, unbending cry,

bubble of blood on her lips,

like a clenched fist.

Three-pronged pitchfork on our necks,

riot red blood tenders a ticktock beat…

For it is written –

He who cannot be killed by one

is killed by many.

The elephant is a large beast,

but he can be killed.

The lion is strong,

but he can be killed.

The tiger is strong,

and he can be killed.

Beware of the many

if you fear not one alone.

Standing our ground,

never back down –

We demand redress…

We will repossess

everything you stole from us –

the air, the water, the food, our rights.

Three-pronged pitchfork,

Lies, smashed and splintered.

Blood washed clean.

Coroner’s report –

Cause of death:

Banking Suicide.

Corporate Regicide.

Government Fratricide…

Foul play suspected.

If ever there was a time, that time is now.



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Jeffrey Field

It ain't what you think. Former newsman, car salesman, teacher. Everything is Thou, if you so allow it. You can find some of it at https://youtu.be/w6RtVjMDHzE