Meaning and Meaningless

Jeffrey Field
1 min readFeb 17, 2024
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There exists a kind of freedom
when you understand that
life is inherently meaningless.
The freedom to embrace the absurd.
Like melting clocks.
Like a leaf adrift in a puddle.
Like shadows where there’s no light.
Questions left unanswered…
Where lies my purpose,
cries the mountain.
Where lies my purpose,
sings the river.
Where lies my purpose,
murmurs the night.
Maybe the point of it all is that
there is no point.
No center to hold on to.
Is there no way out?
Religion, psychedelics, sex?
A leap of faith, perhaps?
Actually, the possibilities are endless.
watch your step.
The true magician understands
the need for balance
twixt spontaneity and mindfulness.
Spontaneity minus mindfulness be like…
worshipping the wrong deity,
The Lord of the Flies, for instance,
while sharing a house in the Bronx
with some drug adicts.
Hitching a ride in Mississippi
while sporting blackface
and singing Al Jolson’s Mammy.
Performing stunts for social media
to gain likes or followers,
such as getting naked
while high on the love drug ecstasy
before mounting an elephant.

So, yes, there are ways
to find your purpose
in a meaningless world.
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How to Survive 2024 With Only a Hamster.



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