My Words Move Like the Sea

Jeffrey Field
1 min readOct 24, 2023


Drowning in dreams
beneath a maddening sky,
my mouth bone dry,
my rudder resting lightly
on the ocean floor,
the now-dead God
mocks the living.
Is it any wonder
Van Gogh sliced off his ear?
Is it any wonder
Nietzsche lost his sanity?
Is it any wonder I am drowning
in the middle of a desert?

The sea, the sea!
Wave upon wave
crashing over me
as I flail and flounder,
youth gone by,
love turned to stone,
vanity at stake,
I open my mouth
as I mourn my ego…
my first and only love.

Everywhere, gulls.
Fearless monsters of the air,
they mock me with their cries
as I sink like stone to the ocean floor.
Eyes wide shut I see Mother Mary,
mother of Christ.
Her beatific smile strikes my soul
with arrows of forgiveness,
kindness, and love.
She takes my hand,
and I am gone.

I hope you are not lonely without me.



Jeffrey Field

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