Nipping at Taboos

Jeffrey Field
2 min readNov 18, 2023


My nipple, my choice

Once shrouded in secrecy,
now nipples speak with bravery.
No longer shamed or made taboo,
these little peaks now fearlessly ensue,
to challenge norms that once confined,
and embrace the beauty they define.
Pi wrote it, I edited it.)

Built-in nipples,
also known as the nipple bra,
stands to break our western taboo
against female nipples.
You might even say that
society is nipping sterotypes
in the bud.
So who am I to protest?
Nay, nay, I say!
You wish to show your nips,
standing strong against the public’s
gripes and quips?
Then I,
bodily naked since birth;
no tats, no piercings,
nothing new except
a new pair of eyes;
make no objection
to this cultural shift.
History does indeed rhyme.

The female nipple,
caught in the tug of war
the maternal
and the sexual,
appears poised to
once again stand proud
as they once did in classical art,
those works taking inspiration
from ancient Rome and Greek culture,
whose notable examples include
Diana of Ephesus,
the Virgin Mary and
Liberty Leading the People.

Still, the battle of the breast continues apace.
Mothers still receive grief for
breast feeding in public,
a long way from paintings
depicting the Madonna for
feeding her baby.
The future, however, holds promise.
Witness camel toe knickers.
Bottom line?
There is no bottom.
Just history,
rhyming through the ages.



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