Wrong. Here’s why.

I’m a guy of just average intelligence. Never really had a beef with the New York Times, but now I do. Eyes opened. Does the NYT have a hidden agenda? Possibly, yes. More likely, probably. Where does this agenda originate? Probably from the top of that newspaper’s food chain.

(Same goes for NPR, but perhaps to a lesser degree. They’ve run some puff pieces of these Nazi scum. Colluding with the enemy? Make no mistake, Nazism is the enemy.)

I just finished The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Have you read it? If not, you can read it online. If it’s too much to digest (it took me years to finish it) skip ahead to Chapter 27, A New Order. The parallels between then and now are striking.

It ain't what you think. Former newsman, car salesman, teacher. Everything is Thou, if you so allow it. You can find some of it at https://youtu.be/w6RtVjMDHzE

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